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Incorporation of a Hong Kong Limited Company

The most common form of business entities that are registered in Hong Kong is a company limited by shares, or simply, a Limited Company. Limited companies are further distinguished into private and public companies, depending on their size. Public companies are subject to stricter compliance regulations than private companies. The majority of registered companies in Hong Kong are considered private companies limited by shares.

A limited company means that the liability of the shareholders do not extend to them personally, unlike a sole proprietorship or a general partnership, and is wholly contained within the company. The incorporation of a limited company establishes a separate legal personality for that company with the same rights and obligations of a natural person.

Registration and Requirements:

  • To register a company, the shareholder(s), whether they are individuals or other corporations, must appoint at least one director, who is a natural person.
  • The director(s) may be the same person(s) as the shareholder(s).
  • Private companies may even appoint corporate directors, provided that there is at least one natural person director.
  • Following the principle of separation of ownership and management, the shareholder(s) may appoint unrelated director(s).
  • Another office bearer appointed to the company is the Company Secretary, who is required to be ordinarily residing in Hong Kong.
  • It is highly recommended to appoint a professional service provider to this office, such as Encore, to ensure statutory compliance and good governance.
  • The company name must not be the same or of confusible similarity as a name appearing in the index of company names kept by the Registrar of Companies.
  • The registration process can generally be completed within 5 working days.
  • Submissions in electronic form are usually processed within the same day, however, the e-incorporation is available to registered users only.

Encore Tips
Hong Kong maintains a public register of companies which is accessible online. The basic registration information such as the company name, number and status of a company is available for free. Further information of a company can be obtained by downloading the filed return and documents from the registry for a fee.

Corporate Compliance Service

All Hong Kong companies are subject to ad-hoc updates of changes in the statutory records and prescribed annual filing requirements. Save for any changes in the statutory records, the company is required to file an Annual Return to the Companies Registry. Although not a filing requirement to the extent that it will be of public records, the Companies Ordinance imposes a Hong Kong company’s annual financial statements to be prepared and audited.

The Inland Revenue Ordinance further requires Hong Kong companies to complete and file a tax return. Unless exempt, the audited financial statements are to be submitted together with the tax return for a tax assessment by the Inland Revenue Department.

Our Compliance and Advisory Services are designed to take the burden off of companies and their directors.

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In the Heart of Asia

Hong Kong is Asia’s premier business hub, strategically located in ideal proximity to the region’s most exiting markets and opportunities; in particular - Mainland China. The preferred platform for global trade and commerce offering the world’s freest economy, a well-established and deep financial services market, a transparent legal system, a simple and business-friendly tax regime, and first-class infrastructure; Hong Kong's proximity to, and unique relationship with the PRC, has made it the gateway to the Chinese market for more than 150 years.

Subsequently, Hong Kong’s business influence across the PRC is extensive and deep, accounting for nearly half of all inbound and outbound investment from the PRC, making the city its largest trading partner. Hong Kong is also perfectly situated in Asia, as it is within a 4 hour flight from all regional key markets and five hours from half the world’s population. 

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